Women's Global Expansion Summit
A Heart-Centered Collaboration to Effortlessly Ascend Into Freedom
March 7 - March 10, 2019, Durango, CO
You are invited!
Join this group of leading women entrepreneurs as we connect with our Wisdom and Purpose to source ourselves and all of Humanity!

For heart-centered women leaders in a wellness-based business.

The outcome of your business, money, and life is a reflection of your personal frequency. When you subconsciously hold energies of fear, lack, and separation, life becomes a never ending struggle to succeed. Your impact may help others have temporary change, but cannot be life-altering since you are not at a higher frequency than where the problem resides.

Unity consciousness exists right here, now. It's just at a higher frequency than where most of us live. When we access it through our own personal expansion into freedom, and joy, we automatically invite others into the same embodiment. This is how healing happens.

It's not about the pill, the treatment, your message, or anything you may create and share. It's about the frequency YOU embody that allows your work to transmit a healing effect. When we embody our own wholeness the affect is contagious. Since we are all connected, this invites everyone into a higher level of awakening.

The purpose of this collaboration is to increase the frequency of all participants to activate our work and thereby assist the ascension and frequency of all Humanity.

During the event we will...

  • Expand further into your purpose and source yourself from it in your life and business

  • Increase your personal frequency for vitality, love, abundance, and wealth

  • Activate your work so it contributes to global expansion

  • Release old patterns of struggle, lack, and limitation, and enter abundance consciousness for yourself and those you assist 

  • Assist Humanity through our collaboration

  • Share your work and receive what you most need to soar forward exponentially this year.

We will also connect throughout the year to further assist the expansion of each leader. 

This will be an intimate group for this first year. We will be expanding the group around the needs of this selective group of women who are ready to enter this expansion now.

What your investment includes:

  • 3-Day Event in Durango, Colorado
  • Welcome Reception Thursday evening
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Drinks during the event
  • Personal Body & Energy Treatments 
  • Excursions to Hot Springs or other destinations
  • Transportation during event to excursions

You will be responsible for transportation and accommodations. We have reserved rooms at The Rochester Inn in Durango, where our event will be held. You can call the Rochester Hotel at 970.385.1920

Investment: $1500